Frank Clark more concerned about winning than lack of sacks

Defensive end Frank Clark was a dominant force in Kansas City’s run to winning Super Bowl LIV, making 5.0 sacks and five tackles for loss in three postseason games last year.

Plus, he had 8.0 sacks, 14 quarterback hits, and 12 tackles for loss during the regular season.

Though the Chiefs are 10-1, Clark’s numbers are down significantly in 2020. He has only 4.0 sacks — just 1.0 in his last seven games — 10 quarterback hits, and six tackles for loss this season.

But as long as Kansas City is stacking victories, Clark doesn’t seem to mind what his stats are.

“I care more about winning,” Clark said, via Adam Teicher of ESPN. “Getting another sack, getting another five, 10 sacks … I’ve done that. The only thing I haven’t done is win two Super Bowls. The only thing I haven’t done is play the season and go 15-1.”

The Chiefs have a chance to do so, in part because of their unselfish, winning culture — which is something Clark likes.

“As a competitor, you always want the individual things to be better,” Clark said. “The only thing I can really appreciate just being a part of the team is our willingness to win and our willingness to not be selfish. You don’t find a lot of guys into the whole stat game.”

Still, if the Chiefs are to repeat as Super Bowl champions, they’ll probably need Clark to repeat his postseason production in January.